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Werke 1 Services

The goal at Werke 1 is to offer a comprehensive range of services for enthusiasts restoring unique European cars. We endeavor to keep as much work as possible performed in house to ensure quality can be closely monitored. For those services that are sent out to other specialized shops, we have built up close working relationships with the best service providers in each segment.

Attention to detail is very important to us. OEM quality parts, European paints, careful disassembly and assembly, no overspray and hidden tape lines, original hardware and finishes – these are small things to some - but lead to an overall result that looks and performs factory fresh. Quality work, delivered in a timely manner, status updates with pictures, prompt notification of work in progress issues and possible solutions - these are expectations in our shop for each customer.

We try hard to meet each clients individual needs, style, and budget. While the quality of the work isn’t negotiable, we can usually offer suggestions on how to pace the work to keep it within each customers ‘comfort zone’. All jobs are billed at actual work time times shop rate, to ensure fairness for our customers. On site estimating and parts pick up / delivery are two other services that are special at Werke 1. We recognize that many project cars are not always mobile and a site visit might be necessary.

From the smallest project to a complete turn-key build, each customer is important to us. You can expect to receive personalized, friendly service and advice every time.

Parts Sales

Local stock of all the best brands and components for the DIY enthusiast

Wheel & Tire Packages

Tuned to fit your needs and usage

Mechanical Work

Engine and Trans Install, Suspension Rebuilds, Brakes, Cooling

Upgrades and Accessories Install

Bumpers, Racks, Awnings, Lighting, Fridges and More

Trip Preparation

We specialize in getting your vehicleready to hit the open road

Paint and Bodywork

Restoration Work and Paint with the highest quality materials.

Battery and Solar Systems

Battery and Wiring System Design and Installation.

Complete Builds

Builds including Vehicle Sourcing and Import

Specialist Services

Powdercoating, Upholstery, Cabinet Work


We stock new windshields, and perform auto/camper window glass installation, both private and insurance work.