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Our Team

Barry – Project Manager
Jay -  Head Technician
Ryan – Shop Helper
Gayle – Accounts 

Both Barry and Jay have been into old VW’s since high school. Barry tinkered around building show cars and camper vans for his own use back in the late 1980’s. Friends began to ask for help with their projects and there began the early beginnings of Werke 1. As time passed, larger, more complicated and detailed jobs became the norm, and Barry completed both a UBC Project Management diploma and Standox Painter Certification to formalize the training for these high profile builds. Jay has come on board to bring his extensive mechanical background with a variety of high-profile van shops to assist with our ongoing projects and help get you down the road.

Working with some of the best craftsmen in the business has helped shape our goals and work ethic here – to build the best quality, most carefully executed projects possible. Over the last 30 years, the business has progressed and evolved, leading us to where we are now – focused on the adventure camper lifestyle and to provide products and services to this market. Our team and services are growing!